These are some new stabilized foam sculptures That will be exhibited in the Kansas State University Exhibit in September.

Meredith Jack Sculptor

My work has always been abstract, although not always non-objective; I continue to feel that mimesis of the natural world should have a specific purpose to the image rather than the reason for the image. Regardless of medium, I tend to work in series, because I have found that as I make decisions regarding a piece there are always alternate decisions that are just as interesting. Each piece generates a half dozen others.

Usually I do not work from drawings or maquettes; however, most three-dimensional series have an accompanying two dimensional series. I begin from a vague notion that this part should go with that part and will look sort of like this, but I’m never certain until I have done it.

"Back In Black" at AMSET

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September 4-7, 2012, Guest Artist at Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS; with a One Person Exhibit in the Vector Gallery. This is an opportunity to exhibit works from two series, the "CJ Suite" and an untitled series of wall dependent iron castings, that haven't been seen in their entirety outside of the studio, as well as some of the newer Styrofoam pieces.


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