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  • a conversation

    A conversation with... You know how you have that almost waking dream, and you want to remember it, and you write it down in a hurry so you don't forget, and then you lose that piece of paper, and then you can't remember that thing that was soooo important and incredibly insightful? This is that sort of story; just a story, nothing particularly pedantic.

  • With more apologies to whomever

    Many more moons have passed since last I got my act together to post here; mea culpa, it's been busy to hectic, topped off by I'm getting forgetful about keeping up. But, I offer you an alternative place to see what I'm thinking about; lately, I've been blogging for the on-line art magazine/site: I've posted three in the past couple of weeks and have a list of topics that keeps growing. As the weather changes to cold, I'll be writing more.

  • With Apologies to All

    Many moons have passed since I last up-dated, a terrible failing on my part, but it has been a busy period. There was the Western Iron Conference in Hays, KS,  an IRS audit (that is still on-going), I purchased the house next door to the warehouse (and am now trying to actually take possession from the renters), Tim Glover & I went to Albany, TX to de-install the outdoor pieces that had bee on display for the previous year, and I have been working somewhat furiously on new pieces for th...

  • "Back in Black"

    "Back in Black" @ the Art Museum of Southeast Texas Well, the "Back in Black" exhibit at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas is imminent; opening reception is 6-8 PM Friday evening, 20 January. The five new steel pieces on the floor are installed and touched-up. Hopefully Sarah Hamilton, the curator at AMSET, will install the wall pieces in such a way that the exhibit won't be over crowded.

  • Robert "Rabbit Rancher" Kurkowski

      Robert E. (Rabbit Rancher) Kurkowski - 1944-2011 Many of you will probably wonder why I would be posting this, you don't know him and could care less. But as usual, it has something to do with the majority of people who would visit this site, and an object lesson for all who would try to be an artist in hard times.

  • For Right at This Moment, Random Musings

    At this point primary concerns are finishing up the on-line Art Appreciation course for Lamar (Done ! thank whatever deity you wish), and getting the "Back in Black" show off to Beaumont (the truck comes Friday). So now my official status is "recovering academic" and at the same time penurious older person.

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